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Free Falling

Q6: What is the most defining moment of your life thus far?
Q7: Would you break the law to save someone you love?
(the first picture we took together - cell phone pic!)
The most defining moment of my life was my move to Chicago. I freed myself from all of the trash in my past and meet and fell in love with a fellow by the name of Anthony Taylor. My life only got better after that move, and I would do ANYTHING to save my loved ones.


the EyeZuh said...

aww beautiful photo... beautiful couple! i love the fact that ur answering these questions... really gives us a great window into who you are ms. Jayka :)

<3 Iza

Elizabeth said...

the photo is cute, and i believe is all about letting go and letting life find you. how beautiful it must be to share your life with someone you love. congratulations :)

LaLa said...

go mama!! I would too and I love that pic so cute so sweet! awwwwe you guys are so cute!!!