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The count down begins TODAY

In 51 days I will wake up as a twenty-eight year old. Yes, I am that old. In the next 50 days I am going to take on a challenge to answer fifty questions that should set my mind free and prepare me for a new year of life. Wish me luck on my journey, I have a feeling it will be tough, but I hope to come out victorious!

Q1: What’s something you know you do differently than most people?
I see that I am different than the people around me because I have learned to do things from the heart and I do not fear the vulnerability that can come from that. The main reason why I have been able to live this way is because I have a different husband-wife scenario than most couples I know, my husband allows me to be this crazy, free, sensitive, emotional, creative, loving person and he nurtures those parts of me, and I allow him to be who he is. We embrace each other, and honor the strong individuals that we are. I have never been happier in my life than I am now that I am with my husband. Loving people for who they are and not only accepting, but nurturing them and their way of expression gives your loved ones such a beautiful power. My husbands love and support have given me the ability to be who I am, to shine the brightest among all the other stars in the sky. I live, love, and laugh differently than anyone else that I know. That makes me happy.


Anthony said...

You're off to a great start. I love you. Hope no one else falls in love with you and tries to snatch you away.

LaLa said...

Too late Anthony! ;)
but only as a BFF!

You are truly an amazing women and I'm blessed to have met you via blogger world and I can't wait to have real convos, we only get better with years!!