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Weekend Photo Dump!

We had a nice week long vacation at home last week. I spent my whole week being sick, but this weekend was finally able to have a little fun. Here are some pictures from Saturday when we got to sit my niece & nephew, and Sunday when we headed on a back roads little drive.

Saturday we got to hang out with our little lovelies. April walked around calling Anthony "MOM" all day, and poor little Elazar was sick, but he was such a good baby! We had so much fun hanging out with them while their mommy and daddy got some work done around the house. April wanted to color every sheet of paper we had, and Elazar is such a trip because if you just look at him and smile he starts kicking his feet and smiling. They are too freaking cute, I love these kids so much.

And Sunday after missing church, we decided that we needed some fresh air. I was tired of being sick and just needed to get out so we head to the back roads and got out of town. We drove from our town of Soledad to Arroyo Seco, and from there we took a road that we hadn't ever traveled right in the middle of the mountains and ended up in Carmel. We did the whole tourist thing, which is really fun to do as a local because you get to learn all the little details and stories about your own area. We took the 17 mile drive through Pebble Beach and then ended up going to a spot in Marina called Kula Ranch, they have yummy yummy food. On our way back home we hit up a friend and ended up in Santa Cruz for a quick Borders visit and a drink. It was a long and fun pack day, the best part is that it was totally unexpected. 

Living in Monterey County is such a beautiful thing. I can never forget how lucky I am to have all of this beauty surrounding me. It was such an amazing weekend, I am so grateful for my life, my family, and this beautiful Earth!

p.s// My husband is trying to get back into blogging, so any visits and comments on his blog would be greatly appriciated! (


Elizabeth said...

awe, amazing photos! i can already see a set of good parents, and the babies are adorable!!!

LaLa said...

now this is what I like to see!! Happiness! ;) awe I love it you pictures are amazing those are some great view and baby is ADORABLE!!! <3

chelsea rebecca said...

oh ow so fun!
i love being a tourist in your own city. its awesome to go exploring and just hit all the hot spots!!
those babies are way too adorable!

LaLa said...

<3 I awarded you!