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We are waiting for you bug!

So tonight was the last night of our adoption classes, and I feel lost and prepared all in one. We have learned so much in the past few months, I am very excited and a whole bit scared. After class tonight we stopped by my parents and had some sweet bread and chatted. I now have copies of some of my brothers childhood artwork, and some of my old books to add to our room.

Next week we will attend the First Aid/CPR Class, and after that there is just a lot of paperwork to deal with. We have been working nonstop on the room, and after tomorrow we should pretty much done except for the big people chair we need.

Super excited for finishing up soon, but more excited that April has started and there is only 19 more days until the hubby's birthday!


Elizabeth said...

awe, i'm super excited, i know you must be! gosh. i can't wait :)

LaLa said...

Great things are coming mama you are both going to be amazing parents!!! <3

sheiswinterwest said...

awww.. i love when people adopt kids i plan to adopt one day, it's a beautiful thing!! can't wait to hear more about this wonderful journey.