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Wanted: A New Pal

After a long night at our faith formation classes tonight, my husband and I were talking about our personalities, and what makes us, US. Just as we were pulling into the strip mall to get me some more medicine, I saw this woman driving a little smart car, with fun frizzy hair, looking as happy as could be, she was even using her turning signal, which is a big thing for me. I immediately looked over to my husband and said, "I want her to be my friend!" She just seemed like the type of person that would get me.

It seems like the older we get the harder it is to make friends, especially being unemployed, not in school, and childless. We moved to the town of Soledad last June and I have yet to meet anyone I would become friends with. The funny part is I grew up in this area and know that there are tons of people I went to school with still in these parts. The thing is I have changed so much that I do not feel like I could connect to any of them. Besides my cousins (who are totally awesome), I only really have two friends and one lives in Chicago, the other lives in Phoenix. It really sucks to not have someone that you just connect with.

I moved around a lot growing up so I don't have that childhood friendship thing, and I am pretty shy, so it has been really hard to meet people. I have decided that I am going to put it all out there and post an ad for new friends.

Feel free to respond if you fit the bill.

I am a married twenty-seven year old looking for single/married/divorced/whatever women between the ages of twenty-one and thirty-one. I have one medium sized dog named Stark and fantastic artistic husband named Anthony. If you are married or committed and happen to have a spouse that loves sports, hip-hop, and can carry on a conversation about politics or art, that is a plus, and if they happen to like comic books, the Chicago Bears or White Sox, then we are totally open for double dates!

But back to my needs...

I am seeking someone who enjoys walks to nowhere, drives along the trees, fields, streams, and oceans. A lady who has an open mind and cares more about the world around her than the shoes she is wearing or the car she is driving. I would love a new pal that wouldn't mind painting her face, doing yoga, playing with dirt, and has a passion for creating. This woman has to have a shoulder of steal that she using to lug around her camera, e-v-e-r-y where she goes. My new pal should celebrate diversity, and welcome change as a part of the natural evolution that takes place in our world. You must be able to tolerate indie romantic comedies,  or anything that has Miranda July, Sally Mann, or Keri Smith's names on it. If you know who De La Soul, Mana, Janis Joplin, The Beach Boys, Kris Kristofferson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ingrid Michaelson, and Otis Redding are, and appreciate their music, please please please respond to this ad. Women with self-dignity, sun-dresses, and worn in sneakers should defiantly apply!

I will not give up faith in finding you, I know you are out there somewhere just looking for a pal like me.
I have tea parties to throw and silly pictures to take I just need YOU! 
I am an equal opportunity gal-pal so get at me. 
and if you think that I am crazy for posting this, then you are not the person that I am looking for.


Anthony said...

What if I think you are wacky? That's different than crazy, right?

Jayka said...

oh hush it, u can't be my gal-pal anyway. luv u ;)

the EyeZuh said...

i wish u guys lived near me :( we'd be perfect pals i think! lolz am i being a weenie?... i dunno... but this was just so sweet and endearing... cuz i totally feel ur pain! i've always been shy and the friends i have now are family or ppl i've known for ages... its so hard to bond with someone new... a lot of ppl make it seem so easy... but i guess for ppl like me and u it is just plain difficult... perhaps we'll double date 1 day :) my man loooooves him some chicago bears lolz i dont got worn in sneakers but i got plenty of worn in flip flops ;)

<3 Iza!

Jennifer said...

Im in love with your blog design, done yourself? Love it!! :D so pretty!

LaLa said...

Oh Jayka a girl after my own heart from the moment we started being blog sisters I connected with you on so many levels, life experiences and all Although I'm not a Sox fan I'm in love with Baseball and baseball games I love going on double dates and I so badly want to have TEA PARTIES too! ha no seriously I have all the stuff! I grew up lower middle class so CAR RIDES to NO where are my LIFE, it' what i do! I own at least one album from more then half of your music list and just from being blog friends I know are music is on point, plus you introduce me to new things, what's also very important about being penpal ;) I am willing to submit my resume if needed because I would love and be delighted to be your pen pal and BFF !! Seriously. Plus I already talk about you and Anthony to my bf lol (not in a stalker kinda way lol)

Elizabeth said...

i wish i lived closer to you! you and i could be the best-est of friends. we have a lot in common :)

Monique said...

it you ever come to L.A. I will be your gal pal!! :)