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Strike a Pose

So because life gets hectic, we skipped from 15 to 21...

Day 21:
Please join in and have some fun with yourself, sometimes we take our self wayyyyyy to seriously, so loosen up and strike a pose for the Sunday Photo Booth!

inspired by:

I actually took these picture last week when I was going to post this, but got distracted and had to put it off. Here we go...

I hope you enjoy laughing at my crazy faces!


Arlin said...

That's super cute!

Elizabeth said...

too cute!

chelsea rebecca said...

oh my goodness i love this!
i so want to do my own! haha its just too fun!
goofy faces are the best!
i love the top right one!

LaLa said...

YESSS!! I love it lol I'm so glad you did this one it's my fave! too adorable! <3