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Staying Alive... Pump Pump

I am ready to save some lives, or at least hold someone over until the real heroes come. Yesterday my husband and I completed the CPR and First Aid course and have now been certified. Our instructor was such a trip she kept singing and telling us to pump to the beat of Staying Alive, which I thought was pretty funny. There goes one more step towards beginning our search. Now I wish I had the same level of motivation for all other things in my life. Since I came home early yesterday I was given the opportunity to go in to work today, a true blessing to pick up hours, but still my butt is dragging this morning. Wish me luck in getting through the day because I will need it.

P.S.// Any readers live out near Bakersfield? I will be out there this weekend, not in my car, but if anyone wants to meet for some breakfast or lunch let me know!


Elizabeth said...

awe, that's amazing! i've always wanted to complete that course.

LaLa said...

I have done it before too since I work at a college lol congrats ;) I wanna see you, hey what if I walk with you for the March of Dimes??