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NaBloPoMo Fail & a fun VIDEO!

I did it, I fell asleep last night before blogging. Please forgive me lords of NaBloPoMo! Anywho I got up extra early so that I would have time to blog before work, but it's still morning and my brain isn't working yet. Wow what a #fail.

In my best attempt to close this post off with somewhat useful or entertaining information I will share with you a video my brother Eric and his best pal Andy put together of them dancing to some Lady Gaga song, I haven't seen the original video, but I like this one just fine. And be sure to stay till the end for the bloopers. My brother is the one in the lighter shorts on the right!

Have a good one, we are just ONE DAY away from the weekend!

What another one? [click here]


LaLa said...

it's ok love don't beat yourself up to much, I know it's hard finding the time! The great thing is when you do post it's amazing! <333 love you, have a great Thursday! <33

Monique said...

Loving the video!!