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The meat eating world is "No Bueno!"

For lent I tried a vegetarian experiment and on Sunday when it was all done I ate some meat. Monday came and I ate a little more. By the time Tuesday rolled around I had Burger King, and on Wednesday I had a McChicken from McDonalds. 

Now for the past few days I have been walking around with a constant headache and a bellyache. Today I was at work and by the time 9am rolled around I had already gotten sick three time and was sent home. I hadn't put the two together until I was laying in bed feeling miserable when my husband called and made the comment "Well, you have been eating meat."

That is it! I have been eating meat again and it is making me feel terrible! I guess I am going to have to easy myself back into the meat eating world, but really I am not sure if I want to. I just wish someone sold a fast food Fake Chicken Sandwich!


chelsea rebecca said...

AHHH!! YES {i feel bad for saying that since you've been sick.. but} another vegetarian?! i hope so!! burger king has an awesome veggie burger!
but i do hope you feel better!

sheiswinterwest said...

your body is adjusting back to meat since you haven't been eating it.. like with me i haven't eating meat in about 5-6 yrs... my mom & sis do and when they cook it, it makes me feel sick to my stomach so i can't imagine how sick i would be if i tried eating meat again (it wouldnt be a cute aftermath i bet) lol.. but go vegetarian mama!! :) I'm currently Vegan now you can always eat veggie burgers love!

Elizabeth said...

awe, that must have sucked, i hope you feel better!

LaLa said...


Trust me! <33

listen to your body!