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The list is back!

Lala has once again inspired me, what else is new. Today she posted a bucket list on her blog, and it made me dig out my old list. In July of 2008 I wrote this list of 39 things I wanted to do before my time was up. Thanks to Lala I dusted the old list off and am ready to add some new things to it!

1. spend a summer in new york creating art.
2. meet my dad's family in mexico.
3. see my husbands book published.
4. start a scholarship fund for students at gonzales high.
5. watch a show on broadway.
6. have my photography shown at a gallery.
7. go over as many "famous" bridges as possible.
8. visit an overseas country.
9. write a children's book, and have my husband do all the art.
10. paint another mural, but make it something personal this time.
11. have diner at french laundry in yountville.
12. take a hot air balloon ride across napa valley.
13. visit the vatican.
14. complete my wall of inspiration.
15. travel cross country
16. spend a weekend at the smithsonian
17. watch an all time classic movie while drinking fresh lemonade
18. complete and publish art walk vol. 2
19. have an hour long conversation with one of hip hop's greatest. (talib kweli)
20. become a mother.
21. get buried in the sand at the beach.
22. fly a kite along the san francisco waterfront.
23. read a classic novel in one weekend.
24. own a house with a beautiful porch (It's got a porch but I gotta make it beautiful)
25. take a cruise with my husband for our anniversary.
26. payoff all of my student loans, and then go make new ones.
27. learn a family recipe, and write it on a card.
28. organize all of my photographs.
29. white water raft down the colorado river.
30. move back to chicago? (this is a maybe)
31. open up a savings account with all of my piggy bank money.
32. dress up like batgirl for comic-con
33. rent an rv and take the whole family on a wild adventure.
34. throw a grand ball and dance all night long.
35. kiss my husband at least 100 times a day and remind him why i love him so much.
36. go on a retreat all alone, and find myself … lol
37. own a tandem bicycle
38. sing karaoke in front of strangers.
39. see Elton John live in concert

**just added**
40. receive and send postcards to every continent.
41. learn to appreciate wine
42. camp in our back yard
43. grow a herb garden
44. paint our door yellow & our house dark slate
45. learn how to play the guitar


LaLa said...

and if you come to my "hood" haha we can take a hot air balloon ride across napa valley (very close to me), then I can bury you in the sand after we can watch an all time classic movie while drinking fresh lemonade ! <3 I'm so glad you did this!! Your list is amazing and I really would love to come up and do the 10k with you!!!

Monique said...

what an inspiring list...makes me want to create one...hmmm...thanks for the inspiration!!

Elizabeth said...

this list is amazing. i am really inspired!