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I am my own HERO


Jumping right along to Day 24
I must say that in my earlier years I was looking/waiting for someone to come along and save me from all of my pain, and make me feel like the person I would dream I could be. After years of getting my hopes up on to be let down time and time again, I smartened up and started taking responsibility for my life. If anyone was going to save me, it was going to be me. Now when people give me compliments on my life, my personality, my faith I get the shine, it is my cape waving in the wind at the end of that praise (well really God's, but I'll take it and pass it along). It feels good knowing that the work I have put in to making myself a better person shows, people recognize me as a positive person and want me around them, I DID THAT. At my current temp job the supervisor keeps saying she doesn't want to lose me because she values my work, but also because she wants more people with my attitude and drive to be a part of her company. Comments like these mean the world to me, it makes me so happy to hear that people can see that I love my Lord, that I respect people, and value honest hard work. I have been my own super hero in that way, but every once in a while I will still play the danzel in distress because I want my husband to have his chance to shine as my hero too!

b. Let's Just Be Real

We are stuck with what we have! lol Clam down, it's a GOOD THING!! I'm sick of people wishing they had this or that and more of this and less of that! S T O P, wishing never got you anywhere so it wont help in giving you a bigger bra size or smaller butt! We have what we have, JUST BE PROUD! There is NO ONE ELSE LIKE YOU, isn't that worth celebrating??!? I think so.. Take a look, it's beautiful, it's you, love it and learn to live with it (happily)!!

self portrait: raw

I agree 100% with what Lala wrote. I am who I am, I need to get to know this person and learn to love this person. There are things about me that I can change, but the driving reason behind that needs to be for my own happiness, not to fit into what someone else wants me to be. The biggest rule is to love yourself at every state that you might be in and let it sink in that this is you. God (or whatever you want to call "the power") made you special, there is something that only YOU can bless this world with. It may be a talent you share, it may be a child you bring into this world, it may be the awareness that you bring to a topic you are passionate about, and it may be as simple as a friendship for another to learn from. No matter what your gifts are you have them, explore yourself, get to know the amazing person that you are, and the more you learn about yourself the more you will get to love yourself, or at least learn the parts of you that you would like to improve on just keep it realistic folks. Now go out and love yourself today!


Elizabeth said...

this post is very inspiring! i love the 1st photo! too cute!

LaLa said...

you are amazing girlie, I'm so glad you followed with all the posting, I really know that you have gain such self love from this, you are an amazing, beautiful women, hold on to it! <3