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A day to nourish the Queen in Me

When I'm alone in my room house I like to strip down paint my face and body, put clothes on as needed, and just get in what I call my "Badu3000" Zone. I put some music on and go for it. Sometimes I take pictures, draw, paint, write, sew, or just meditate. This is when I can wear my soul on my outer body and just let the queen in me take over my whole person. It is wonderful, and I am right in the middle of getting into the full swing of this zone. I plan to check in at the end of the day. I wish you all a blessed Friday!

My inspiration:



Elizabeth said...

i know exactly how you feel, and i love erykah badu!

laura said...

i love this!!

LaLa said...

we all need 'ME' time and it's important that we get it!!!! I feel you 110 mama just remember head up, "mama said there would be days like this" ;) love ya mama

you have the BEST taste in music!!