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Assignment #53

Learning to Love Yourself More:
Assignment #53
Give advice to yourself in the past.

Dear 22 year old Jayka, You are a beautiful person that is waiting to shine. Don't believe what those other people are saying about you. You don't have to make them happy, you don't have to be what they want you to be. I know you are hurting, but don't let those people take advantage of you. Give yourself sometime to make yourself happy and don't become overly dependent on him, he is not worth it. Someday you will find a man that will love you for all of the things that you are, and will help support you in your quest to become the person you want to be. Stay in school, keep busy with positive things, and trust that your life will get better.

Your future self.


Elizabeth said...

awe, this is an amazing post! i should do this :)

LaLa said...

you are amazing! I love you so much, this is truly a great post and a great thing to do! INSPIRED!!!