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What a day :)

Monday I started a week long temp job, and it has been going well. I am kind of sad this is only temporary, but I am so thankful for the opportunity to get out of the house and do some work. We also had dinner with some family on Monday, it was my cousin Stephanie's birthday.

We also had another Catechist class today, I am learning a lot and getting to know a few other catechist I wouldn't normally be around. After our meeting we dropped in on the youth group (ran by some of our ex students), I am so proud of them. Seeing students like them makes me feel like we aren't doing all of this work for nothing. One of our ex students told Anthony & I that he looks up to us and hope to one day have a relationship like ours with his spouse. It was so sweet!

Tomorrow will be a slow day so I hope to get some blogging in, miss you guys :)


chelsea rebecca said...

how wonderful!!!
it so encouraging to hear when someone looks up to you! lovely!!

Al said...

how does temping work? like how do you go in knowing what to do? or do they have you just go in and do generic stuff like answering phones and filing and stuff, things that you dont need to know their systems?

im always intrigued by that!

LaLa said...

I miss you!!

But I'm happy to hear you got out of the house and working, that's wonderful! I know that feeling for feeling stuck! I'm glad everything is working out well and I hope you get some time soon to blog, we miss you! alot!

ps. I hope you plan on joining my 'Love you Body' month! <3

love ya

Elizabeth said...

glad you have a job!!!