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TTCHH Week 9: Backyard Boogie

I am bringing it a day late, but at least I am still bringing it! Last night we chilled with a few of my cousins and played beer pong, bbq'd, and of course listened to some classic California Party Jams, that is what inspired this weeks TTCHH. Below you will find classic songs played at almost every party in California, no joke. They haven't changed since high school, and normally there is some freestyle, oldies and of course reggae in there too.

aw yes, there are also two new tapes put together by J-Live

<a href="">01 Intro Freestyle _ J-Live by J-Live</a>

<a href="">01 J-Live - One to 31 Intro - Then What Happened by J-Live</a>


LaLa said...

wow it's been forever since I thought of this guy lol good stuff!! ox

love ya babe

Shayla said...

that's awesome!!!!!

i didnt even know they had awards for latina blogs!!

im puerto rican what are you???