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Take Away, Add Some In, and I would Nevers

Day 13:
Taking Back your Body! one word, thought, and action at a time! Since the start of my Love your Body Month post I've talked about how thinking really does effect how we life and how we see our self. In day 13 I want to put those things into action. So here is your challenge readers. Make a commitment to yourself Today for a week (or longer if you want) to +ADD+ and -take-away- some things!

For a Week I Jayka will -take-away- the following from my life, for the better!
- the word STUPID
- "fat talk" Lala, that's a good one
- worrying about the exact amount in our bank account
- over analyzing

For a Week I Jayka will +add+ the following to my life, for the better!
+ getting back to home cooking
+ positive affirmations
+ complementing someone daily, beside my husband
+ more prayer/meditation time

In a week I hope to be following up on how this is going!

Day 14:
Fake it till you make it. I like to say, "ain't no shame in my game" or at least say it till I mean that lol I'm sure a lot of you can relate to this. The "embarrassing" things about our self, bodies that we wont speak of. We rather over look that question or even lie. That's ok, we are human but it's time we let some of that goes because really you can't love yourself and be ashamed at the same time!! Let's get real with some "I would Never" statements, followed by I can now or I still wont.

Here goes nothin'...

a. I would never... tell the people at the store what size I needed... I did this week, nice and loud too.

b. I would never... tell my 'real' weight... I think I have told my husband, but I still won't tell anyone else.

c. I would never... walk around in my underwear, even if I really wanted too... I do it all of the time now, it's so comfortable.

d. I would never... let my husband hug me around my waist... we are working on it, he holds but not for too long.

e. I would never... post a picture online without a little editing... I am no longer worried about the perfect tones in my face, or if that one hair is out of place.


LaLa said...

how did it go? I think it's so important that we continue to take out the fat talk, we are our MINDS and what we say really affects us.. even when we "are just kidding" <33 love you girl, your amazing!

Jayka said...

so far so good!