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Still can't catch a break

Happy Monday Night! Life hasn't slowed down much on my end, still been going none stop. I am working on finishing up the Self-Love Project. This has been a really awesome experience for me.

How was your guys' weekend? Saturday morning my little niece (cousins daughter) called me and asked to come over, so her and her sister came to visit us, and we had such a great time. I live in Soledad, a tiny little town in Monterey County, California, and we happen to have a mission here, so I took them to the mission. They had never been to a mission, and if you are from California, at least around here, you have to have gone to a mission, or built one for class. I was very surprised that this was new for them, so we had a little history lesson, and had a lot of fun.

My Saturday was full of so much fun with the girls. We painted, played board games, and cooked dinner together, but the true highlight of my weekend came during our Confirmation Classes. My husband and I gave a talk at the High School Youth Day about the sacrament of Marriage. I was really nervous to tell our students our stories, but it just flowed and I heard from my brother that the kids were talking about it today at school. It felt pretty amazing to playback what we said and really just have it all out. I told them about my past, my life in college, and after college. I shared about the issues I had to overcome, the turning point in my life that pushed me closer to my faith, and how I met my husband from a myspace group for a college I wanted to attend. Listening to all of this makes me so grateful for every thing that has happened in my past because it has lead me right to where I am right now, and I am very happy with the way my life is going.

Isn't it crazy to think about how close we were to missing some of the most important people, and events in our lives. A no instead of a yes, or a tomorrow instead of today, and a lot of us would have passed up some great opportunities.


Monique said...

Beautiful!! I know I am so blessed to have the hubby I have. :) Congrats on your love!!

chelsea rebecca said...

sounds like you had a wonderful {and busy!!} weekend! so glad to hear it!!

Elizabeth said...

glad you had fun. great photo of the two :)

LaLa said...

I truly believe EVERYTHING happens for a REASON I say that so much and so often but you know the more I read about other and there life the more I know it's true! I truly believe everything will work out the way it's meant to and there is really nothing we can do about it but go with the flow! ;) I'm so happy for you and I'm so glad to see you smiling! Can't wait to hear more in April! <3 love ya doll

sheiswinterwest said...

its always good to share your story to those who are willing to listen.. you two are adorable!