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My eyes and knees and feet hurt!

Vacation? Not so much. My husband and I have been "free" since Wednesday at 4:30, but from that moment, we have been non-stop. Wednesday night we had an amazing time with friends and family celebrating St. Patrick's Day. The plan was to meet up and hit some pubs,but then people cancelled so my hubby and I set out to have dinner at a local pub. While enjoying my delicious veggie burger and a Guinness, I received a surprise text that my cousin was going to be coming out after all, to the same place we were at. We slowed down our eating, and she arrived and had a drink with us. She then received a message that her friends would be coming over, so we grabbed a booth and started ordering drinks. Eventually our other cousin Adrian came by, and we ran into some old friends there too. We had so much fun. My husband and I rarely go out, but the past few weeks, we have been trying to get some fun nights in.

Thursday we had originally planned to go to Los Angeles for a church convention kind of thing, but our plans got changed and we had our adoption class that evening.So, bright and early we headed out to Palo Alto for a wonderful shopping trip at IKEA, followed by some Chicago Style Pizza. After rushing back from that, it was time for class, and then time for sleep.

I was so tired from running around all day Thursday, but when Friday came around, it was time to go buy paint and get working on "little bug's" room (little bug is how we refer to our future foster/adopted child). You know what the cutest thing I just noticed, we call him/her little bug, and the paint color we choose is Jitterbug, how sweet! Anywho...We worked non stop on the room all day Friday, and most of the day Saturday. It is a huge transformation from the living room to a second bedroom. My dad and brother built a closet, and put up a wall to enclose the room. My mom helped us paint, and my other brothers gave their input. It has been a team effort getting this room setup, but we still need to get a few more pieces and paint the mural wall before it is complete.

Finally Sunday has rolled around, and I get to kind of relax, but not too much. We had our Sunday School class this morning, and I now have a few hours of downtime to catch up on some blogs before we head over to my cousins house for a little get together.

Tomorrow we are taking my brothers to WWE Monday Night Raw, yippie... that was so insincere. I know I will have fun, but at this moment my body is so tried that I cannot even imagine having the energy to walk up/down the steps at the arena.

I can't believe I am saying this, but I cannot wait until Tuesday rolls around and all I have to do is get up for work, and attend a meeting that night. This girl is right here is exhausted.


LaLa said...

WOWWWW!! mama you've been living it up ;) that's good and I know how busy and stressed you've been so I'm sure this was just what you need even this all the crazyness lol I missed your posting!! Have a great week love! said...

I have been on your blog several times before but I must say it again. Your blog layout is awesome. It is so well put together and so simple but fun. I adore it.