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Confession Time

Day 7: It's time to confess your Body Secrets & Truths. Share a story, a thought, a lesson, something meaningful or just releasing something you've been denying or on the other hand proud you've over come.

Old Truth: I could not look in the mirror without being angry at myself.
New Truth: I can not look in the mirror without telling myself I look prettiest when I smile.

Old Truth: I used to poison my body with ridiculous amounts of alcohol.
New Truth: I am in control of when and how much I drink.

Old Truth: I used to cry in the dressing rooms or in my closet because I felt FAT which equaled UGLY.
New Truth: I am not confident that my size does not define my beauty.

Old Truth: I would image how pretty I could be "if only".
New Truth: I am now told daily by my husband that I am beautiful, and that I am loved.

Old Truth: I used to fuel myself off of the negative attention I received.
New Truth: I now give my body & soul the positive attention they need.

Day 8: "Look What I Can Do!" We spend way to much time and engery complaining about what we don't have and have TOO much off. TODAY I want to have a little fun, while appreciating the SMALL things that make us, YOU special, everyone has certain talents that their BODY allows and aids them in doing, from standing on your head to one armed push-ups or even just crossing your eyes! There are people out there who CAN NOT do those things and YOU CAN, that's something to be thankful for and should be celebrated, I know it sounds silly but some people need baby steps to get to loving their body unconditionally and that's ok, we shall start here by making some funny faces, yoga poses, whatever it takes to say, Hey I love my body cause I can do this...." Give yourself 4, look what I can do!!

I can pick things up with my toes.
I can give fish kisses.
I can make awesome fart noises.
I can do the most perfect roundhouse kick.


LaLa said...

I love the way you did old and new, see that's why I'm so lucky! ;) great sharing love!! I'm so proud of you! and I can pick things up with my toes too!! yesss! lol

chelsea rebecca said...

oh my goodness words cannot express how much i love this post. i love that your husband tells you how beautiful you are daily! and that you are in control and that you realize how gorgeous you are when you smile!
simply wonderful!