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Caution, Zombie Ahead

Is it really only Tuesday? I feel like I need another weekend already, no joke. This working stuff is harder than I remembered. I had planned Monday night to be a lazy night watching TV, laying on the couch, and maybe having a nice fast-food dinner, you know the stuff Mondays should be made of. As soon as I got out of work I checked my missed calls and saw that my Dad had been calling, so I called my parents house expecting maybe a dinner invitation or something of the sort, but was in for a surprise. My Dad had prepared a time to do some work our house, some very very important work!

When we moved in to our home last summer it was a tiny two bedroom home. We didn't need the extra room so we tore down some walls and expanded our living space. Now with the adoption home study we need to have our room reconstructed and set that all back up. That was the wench that was thrown into my laziness plan, but it was a good wench I suppose.

Last night we got home and immediately started moving our living room into our dinning area, and our dinning table into the kitchen, and our desk that was in the kitchen into the living room, and a bunch of other random stuff like that. My parents came over and we planned it all out, and we taped off the areas that would be the closet, and door frame. Needless to say, our Monday became a busy Monday, the kind of stuff you hate Mondays to be made of, and on top of it all I still had to make dinner.

Today when we got home from a long days work we walked into a narrow entry way with a sheet-rock wall up and a door where my end table and lamp once stood.  It felt very strange, but it was very exciting. I feel like we are so much closer to having all of the technical stuff done, and hopeful in the next few months we will be able to start our search for our child(ren).

I am so tired now, after all of that we had our Catechist training class today, and had to make a stop by my momma's because today is my brother Tony's 16th Birthday! Wednesday you are my only hope for an evening full of laziness, and hopefully some quality blogging. I have some more Body Lovin' to catch up on, and some blog reading too! See you guys tomorrow!!

ps// Thanks for all of the wonderful and encouraging comments on my Self-Love post. It was kind of scary dong that, so your words mean a lot to me!


LaLa said...

How exciting, building a room for your future child(ren) I'm so happy for you guys! I know what you mean about having a lazy day, ugh I've been longing for one since last week :\ but oh well! Can't wait for more post!

ps. Happy Birthday brother! :D

Monique said...

Don't burn yourself out girlie! :)