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BIG Plans & a few Awards

I have been here and there and everywhere lately, so I decided to take on the NaBloPomo challenge once again. Back in January I posted every day for a month, and I figured if I push myself really hard that I can get through April doing the same thing. Wish me luck, as I only have one day left to prepare myself. While I am here I should announce that I may not have won a Latina Blogger Award, but I do have a few reader awards that I have been lagging on posting.

Earlier this month I was presented with the Sunshine Award by Chelsea Rebecca, and a few days later I was presented with it again by Ms. Lala! I would like to thank these beautiful ladies for this fantastic award, I love your blogs so much! Just a few days ago I was given the Beautiful Blogger Award, also by Ms. Lala. So once again THANK YOU for your kindness!

I pass both of these awards on to...

Monique, Elizabeth, Mel, and Lorraine

I would pass them back to Lala & Chelsea, but I don't know if I can do that?

and by the way big CONGRATS to Noemi Soto for winning the Poetry - Blogs By Latinas Award! I nominated and voted for her, she is freakn AWESOME.


Monique said...

I think your blog is wonderful!! The voting was soooo close! Next year I will give you guys more time to campaign. :)

LaLa said...

Oh my love you are too great! You deserve every award Your my Latina favorite! <33

And you can do it take over April!!! Good luckkk! don't give up!

Elizabeth said...

thanks for the award love! and congratulations on you receiving them. i nominated you also!