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Feb Must Haves

 Some of my February "Wish I Could Haves".


chelsea rebecca said...

i'm overwhelmed by this BEAUTIFULNESS! i love all the pink and floral! i want it all! but especially that blue dress with the bow! where is it from!?!!

p.s. those pink converse remind me of the hightop converse i wore to my prom!

Steph said...

Right now I'm just wishing for a paying job :P

Cute the dress & cardigan.

pixelhazard said...

Oh i wish that image wasn't fuzzy. I culd venture to lcick it and find out if i could get higher resolution but i'm sure if I did that i'd want everything!

p.s your website layout is splendiferous!

Jayka said...

that dress is my favorite! you can find it here:

Elizabeth said...

too cute! i love florals!

LaLa said...


awwwe!! haha Ilove love love love this! makes me feel all girlie! :D