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TTCHH Week 6: When did you first fall in love with Hip-Hop?

This weeks TTCHH is all about the songs that we can find on our favorite soundtracks. On of my favorite movies that is Hip-Hop related is Brown Sugar (I have the hugest crush on Mos Def), so for this weeks video I selected Erykah Badu's Ode to Hip-Hop off of the Brown Sugar soundtrack. FYI, I also have a huge crush on Erykah!

I totally love the Brown Sugar Soundtrack so a few more songs on my playlist are from there, and there are some songs that were left as suggestions (thanks pals). I also could not help but put Shake Ya Tailfeather on here because really I used to love that song when I worked at the music store, it always made me happy, can't front.

One song I wish was avalible on was Ali Vegas - The Specialist off of the In Too Deep Soundtrack! I wish Ali Vegas would rap this way all of the time, and drop an album or something. Anyway this is the only way I could find the song, enjoy!

For more fantastic soundtrack music check out these (and on the 8 mile on, make sure it's more music from 8 mile:

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Jessica Druck said...

it's very possible i'm too much of a white blonde girl to get down to your music, but no one has to know. Thanks for the music ; )