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TTCHH Week 5: ain't no such thing as halfway crooks

For the past few weeks I have been stuck searching throught looking for new/new to me music, and I have stummbled across a few decent rappers. Below somewhere you will find a few tracks/tapes you can download for FREE, or at least listen to. I have just been kind of all of the place with music this week. My I-Pod had to be restored and I lost all of my music, and I had deleted most of it off of my computer, so if you have music you recommend please send me albums, artists, songs whatever, leave comments or feel free to email me tracks. FYI, I do listen to more than just Hip-Hop, I love Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, Ingrid Michaelson, Mana, Juanes, Julieta Venegas, Celia Cruz, Jennifer Lopez, and other random music, so you can send me anything.

This week I ran into a fan video for Lupe Fiasco's - Beaming, and I totally loved it. It's so cute!

Wasn't that awesome?!

OOOOOOh, and next weekend I am thinking of doing a playlist of some of my favorite hip-hop songs that can be found on movie soundtracks, so if you have any recommendations please leave them in the comment section!

This week when I started to think of what I wanted my play list to be I wasn't in the best of moods, we had just had some issues with a few students giving us a little too much attitude so I needed to get it all out by listening to some people who were angrier than I could ever be, and NO none of these are threats to our students, we love those guys even when they act like the "typical teenager", lol.

Last week I got The Stimulus Package: Freeway & Jake One and I must say that I enjoyed it. Freeway added a little something to my typical day of music. It was refreshing.

and as a reminder to anyone from Central/Northern California come on down to Santa Cruz or Monterey this weekend to celebrate the release of Haji P's Neighborhood Kid.
You can also find Haji P on the Stay Flawless - Flawless Hustle Mix Tape [download

and here is the bandcamp audio that I promised!

<a href="">01 J-Live ~ DTK Intro by J-Live</a>

<a href="">Laura's Leaving Intro by donwill (of tanya morgan)</a>

<a href="">This Ain't An Intro/Welcome to the Show by MaG</a>

<a href="">BUBBLEGUM TUNA by Joe Scudda</a>

<a href="">Save the Ras Kass Intro by Ras Kass</a>

<a href="">Whats Happening Now - Headkrack by djsecondsense</a>

<a href="">Is It Love ft. Angela McCluskey by Kendrick Lamar</a>

<a href="">How I Do It (Young Raven rmx) by Spirit Equality</a>

Leave comments on recommended music for me, and if you have a favorite or a few favorite Hip-Hop songs off of movie soundtracks leave them here for next week!

also, I am open to anyone who wants to be a guest blogger for a Sunday This Thing Called Hip-Hop, so if you would like to do that leave that in the comments as well! I would love to see what some of you are listening to!


Anonymous said...

i'm preeeeeeetty sure "make you feel that way" by blackalicious comes out in brown sugar....there's my suggestion. btw "laura's tape" hehehe rad that's my name!!!!!

Charles said...

I have to come back to this later...maybe tomorrow, to do a more thorough listening of what you have here. I do know that I saw this movie recently called The Wackness which had one of the best soundtracks I've heard in a while. Not any unknown music, but it was music from the mid 90s which sounded so fresh and new all over again.

Jayka said...

YES! that movie was a trip, but the music was on point

5th Child said...

Hey Jayka! Thanks for posting our song on your blogspot page! I really appreciate the love. There's plenty more where that came from, lol.