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TTCHH-Week 3: More Hipper Than a Hippopotamus Pt.2

Last night I was thinking about this week's This Thing Called Hip-Hop (Bay Area Edition) and I started to think I should have added more, being that I am from around these parts, and have a few friends doing their thing in the Hip-Hop World, that it would be nice if I showed a little support, not that my blog is the mecca for Hip-Hop information or anything like that, but just because there are some readers hiding out there that do enjoy some good music/art.
WEEK 3, PT.2

First I would like to introduce you to DJ Remedy out of San Jose. This video is of the homie DJ Remedy battling DJ Impereal at the 1999 ITF USA Finals. I am bring him to you because I love when DJ's love good music and aren't afraid to introduce that music to the masses. The world needs more DJs like Remedy.

You can find Rem spinning all most any day somewhere, or at least that's what it seems like. Remedy was also one of the first DJ's to be part of the Project Hip-Hop Radio Show, that inspired this weekly feature.

Up next I got the other homie, Haji-P. His isn't originally from these parts, but he is here now, and this month he will be droppin his new album Neighborhood Kid, and be celebrating with not one CD Release Party, but two.

And don't bother acting like you weren't feeling that. Real talk, check him out, buy his CDs, and if rap ain't your thing watch some Haji P TV and I guarantee you will fall in love with him. (btw/ I think it's time for a new episode of hajiptv!)

That brings us to another very talented dude I meet a very long time ago at a screening of his documentary Inventos-Hip-Hop Cubano (because I loved it so much I'mma add that trailer beneath the new one), his name is Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi, and he is stationed in the Berkeley area working hard with all the folks at Clenched Fist Productions. He has a new documentary coming out called Home Grown, Hip Life in Ghana, and he is having screening here and there and everywhere, visit the site for more info, and please watch this trailer.

In Cali, catch the screening:
Feb. 13th in Sac [info]
Feb. 17th in L.A [info]

Now this I wouldn't say is "Hip-Hop" only, it's more of an Urban Lifestyle kind of thing, and I wanted to feature this store last month on my blog under the "BEST OF" series, but the pictures I had taken for my post where on my laptop, that I currently do not have. Instead of waiting for my laptop to get back, I am going to go ahead and include Somos Media into this post. Somos is a local shop that sells tons of vinyl toys, artist prints, clothing and a bunch of other awesome stuff. They also host monthly art shows, and participate with the First Fridays. With those shows they focus on Street/Urban Culture. They are located at: 430 Salinas St., in South Salinas but you can also hit them up online to place orders. This is a local shop, and I love it. The people that work there are hella chill, hella cool, and the remember you forever.

I walked in there last month and talked with the manager for a good while,  he remembered who I was, the things I had purchased in the past, and I hadn't been in for over 8 months because I had no money. So they are people you want to do business with, and if you are an artist you should connect with them on myspace and chat it up. They are always looking for new stuff for their shop, or for their Art Shows.

And last but not least I would like to remind those locals that there is a awesome Hip-Hop show on the radio right here on the Central Coast every Wednesday on KHDC 90.9, and it's called the Wednesday Wreck. DJ Kazzeo hosts it along with some of his pals, and they play all of the stuff you don't hear anywhere else. Write this down, Wed's at 6pm on 90.9. If you would like to make request or submit music for the show e-mail them at

And I never got a chance to thank Kaz for being a wonderful addition to our wedding, I apologize that somewhere down the line everyone was so drunk and just wanted to listen to their own CD's, but you made us very happy playing our favorite songs, especially Black Star's Definition. THANK YOU!

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