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TTCHH-Week 3: More Hipper Than a Hippopotamus

Why not rep my region? This weeks This Thing Called Hip-Hop brings us to the Bay Air-E-yah!
This weeks featured video is a Classic, Bay Area and World Wide, 93 til Infinity by Souls of Mischief.

Side note: Watching all of these videos trying to make my picks over the past three weeks I have noticed a trend. Good Hip-Hop videos from about 92-95 all had the rappers in the trees or like have these nature shots, kinda a trip, think Outkast - Elevators, and The Pharcyde stayed in the trees in their videos. I'm just staying.

And I got a couple of my Bay Area favorites put together for this lovely playlist:

Hope you all have a good week!
Oh! I was downloading some zips from my old e-mail during the week and found this awesome picture of Ms. Jean Grae (she was in last weeks playlist) with my brother Eric & Me!

This was forever ago.


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YOU GUYS MET HER!? okay i'm seriously digging all these playlists, i have an awesome cousin that shows me awesome music :) love you.