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Our Love Story

We have reached the end of Love Stories 2010, and of course I saved my love story for last.

(This is the first picture I sent back home of us.)

February 2005, I had just had my heart broken. The man I pictured as my future flipped on me and my world felt like it was coming to an end. I really didn't know what to do with myself and all I wanted to do was runaway from everything.

March 2005 I started looking into out of state schools. I found a few good ones in Chicago, a couple in New York, and one in Atlanta. I started to pull admission information on them.

April 2005, I sent out myspace messages to a few people I found in the school's group asking for information to the school I had chosen, Columbia College in Chicago. One of the many random people I contacted regarding the school responded to me with the information I needed. We exchanged messages back and forth, all school and city related. I got all my info turned in, and was just waiting to hear back from the school.

In the meanwhile this dude, Anthony, kept in touch asking if there was anything else he could help me out with. He was hella cool, we had a lot of similar interest, so we kept talking.

May 2005, I decided that the school was going to cost too much, and I wasn't going to make it to Chicago after all. I was a little disappointed because the school seemed awesome, Chicago was amazing, and the people I got in touch with seemed like they could be some great friends, especially Anthony. It sucked, but we kept talking on myspace, and on aim.

July 2005, I registered at the community college and started there in the Fall.

By the time November rolled around I was DONE with California. My best friend had gotten married and she moved to Chicago with her husband, I was having issues with my family at home, I was just tired of it all. I decided I was going to go to Chicago and try my luck in a new city.

January 2006, I flew out of San Jose, California and landed in Chicago, Illinois. My best bud was still in California on her Christmas vacation, so guess who was at the airport to pick me up...

You guessed it, Anthony. I remember when I saw him at the airport looking for me I got so nervous I sat in a chair and just watched him walking around, I didn't know what to do. Over the previous nine months I had developed the hugest crush on this dude, and there he was so close, so real, there for ME.

Finally I got the courage up to flag him over and as soon as he was in arms length I hugged him and gave him a kiss right on the lips. I could not believe I did that. I had never done that before.

He helped me with my bags and we boarded the bus to his Hyde Park apartment. The whole trip he was telling me all the things we were passing by. I was amazed. I was in love. I never wanted to leave him.

I remember sleeping on his floor that night, he slept on the other side on the floor as well, and I would just look over at him and smile. I was all stalker-ish watching him sleep. I was so far away from my family, so far away from everything I knew, but all that mattered was what was right there in front of me.

We spent the next nine months falling in love in Chicago, then he proposed to me, and here we are now. Still loving.
(Valentines Day 2009- SF)

♥ Happy Valentines Day everyone!


Elizabeth said...

Jayka! this story is amazing! i enjoyed reading it and you guys look so young and in love. i wish you nothing but the best!

amazing couple :) i love the last photo!!!

Angela said...

This was such a sweet story!
You guys are adorable :)

norbyguy said...


LaLa said...

Jayka I feel that much closer to you now!!! Aweeee<3 I love love love you guys! I'm so happy for you, that you found the one that makes it all ok and worthwhile! It's a great feeling! Hope you had a great vday! <3

Charles said...

Thats the sappiest story I've ever heard...but in a great way. Thats too cool that you two worked out like that. This was my first time by your blog, and definitely not the last. Lovin the layout too.

walkingonsunshine18 said...

When I find my guy, I hope it goes down like this ;)

Chanel said...

you two look ADORABLE together!!!