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The Monthly Goal Challenge

I have been tagged by LaLa of Simplest form of an Elle with the Monthly Goal Challenge. I absolutely love being tagged for random little things, but this is one of the coolest tags that I have seen going around.

I am the type of person who likes to start things at the beginning of the year, month, week, whatever it may be, and every month I actually tend to have goals set for myself. Last month it was my goal to blog everyday of the month, and I am proud to say I have accomplished that goal. During my search for new projects last month, I ran into the 29 day Giving Challenge. The challenge is to be giving for 29 days :D, so being the crazy nut that I am I could not start it when I found it, even though it was so tempting, I had to wait until the 1st to start so that I could finish on the 1st and it would be a nice clean break. So for my first goal of the month I would like to successfully complete the Giving Challenge.

The second goal I am going to set for myself will be applying for at least 5 jobs each week. That doesn't sounds like much, but it's hard to even find one job to apply to around here, that and the whole job searching thing gets really depressing so I can only handle so much of it.

Wish me luck!

Goal #1. Take on the 29 Day Giving Challenge
Goal #2. Keep my spirits up and dig for those J-O-B-S!

I would like to pass on this wonderful opportunity to:
Steph of NotTheOxygen
Kyle of AirMaNorby
Angela of CravingTheCupcakes


LadyGaga said...

I'm applying to jobs as we speak. It's so hard but its fun at the same time.

Angela said...

I'll definitely be blogging about this!

norbyguy said...

So do I just give things for the month?

Good luck with job-hunting! Let us know how it goes :)

LaLa said...

Yay for Goals! :) I thought it was a good idea for myself and then I thought why not pass it on to those I love :D enjoy! and good luck!!!

& the 29 day is a real challenge, but worth it! glad you are doing it too

Elizabeth said...

glad you took this on. it's an amazing idea!!!