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Guest Blogger: Heather from A Lust For Words

Love is a difficult thing to define. Without experiencing it, it is unfathomable. Some like to tell themselves that love doesn’t exist, but I beg to differ. I’m not talking about the way you love your parents or your friends either. I’m talking about the sweaty palm, heart fluttering, mesmerizing kind of love.

In high school there was one guy. He took my heart and ran with it. When I looked in his eyes I could see forever and it felt so remarkable to be able to be so close to another human being. My heart sank into my stomach every single time he kissed me, held my hand, or looked into my eyes. Yeah, I’m about to make myself puke. Let me just tell you, that guy turned out to be a fucking prick. It was high school. How the hell was I seriously thinking it was going to last forever? I was obviously hypnotized by his cute little love letters proclaiming I was his “sole mate.” First of all buddy, you got the wrong “sole,” it’s soul mate. Seven months later he was toast and I was devastated. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep.

I get a call from a friend two weeks later; he had a new 24 year old girlfriend.

It took me three damn years to get over that ass hole and he just moved from girl friend to girl friend like it was nothing. They were his Barbie dolls. Once he got tired of one he was off to the next one. Of course, I was trying the same thing, to date other people. It failed miserably. Every time he came around I was back to where I started. He even had the nerve to tell me that he missed me. Excuse me, guys, if you ever tell someone you miss them just to get in their pants you are a piece of shit. Especially when you know for a fact that lady is still in love with you. Can you say scumbag?

Every guy I met I compared to him. I couldn’t get that feeling. It was gone forever and I was going to wind up being an old lonely cat lady, except I hate cats.

Then something extraordinary happened. After years of searching and searching for someone I finally stopped. Loving myself was more important than finding someone else to do it. When I got to that point everything just fell into place. My life started heading in the right direction. The sun was shining and I was ready to embrace life just hanging out with my friends and having fun.

I was doing just that, minding my own business, having a great time with my best friend, when I stumbled to the bar to get a drink. As I waited for the bartender I was approached by a slightly intoxicated attractive young man.

“Is that a treble clef on your wrist?” Referring to my tattoo. No one ever knows what a freaking treble clef is. I always get asked if it’s a freaking music note, so those first words already impressed me.

We carried on a conversation for a while, as my friend was getting creeped on by some old dudes. We exchanged numbers and I went home thinking nothing of it. Come to find out he grew up in the same neighborhood as me, went to the same elementary school, and was best friends with my neighbor who I was also close with. How had we not met before? I don’t know, but all that matters now is this: we are still together a year later and I am the epitome of happy. We have our ups and downs but it’s so much more than anything I had ever imagined.

Love has a funny way of coming around when you least expect it, and the most important part is loving yourself first. If you don’t love yourself, how do you expect anyone else to? As The Beatles say: Love is all you need… for yourself, the rest comes later.

{Their anniversary is actually on the 8th of February so this is really cool.}


LaLa said...

Awe! I love this, Happy Anniversary!

Elizabeth said...

Happy anniversary and they're too cute!

Jayka said...

See, thinks just seem to work themselves out.

Happy Anniversary, and thanks for sharing your story!

Heather said...

Thank you guys!


Happy Anniversary Heather, I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy and excited for you. One Whole Year, my my. I love you sweetie and wow you are something amazing. Yep Amazing. I want to meet andrew and how did I not meet him either, being that I lived next to the Askaris all those years. Does he remember me? Anyway Heather you deserve all the happiness in the world, you have definately earned every ounce. It has been wonderful watching you grow to a beautiful, responsible adult and making smart choice has been a blessing for us both. I know you are going to make something great, but remember you are something great as you are.