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Guest Blogger: Barb from Barb Seals Kisses

For those who read my blog, you've been introduced to my j. he's my one and only; the key to my heart. many of you don't know the story of j and i, and have only seen the bliss.

there are days that i truly wonder if what i feel is right. what if i had met j at a later time in my life, and was able to do the things i always thought i was going to? i had plans to go off to college in austin, party my nights away and had no wants or needs of finding myself in a relationship. would i have felt the same if i met j during these times?

i met j in a odd way at a odd time. i was in a partying stage, but i hid it well. (i never was one to flaunt that i had nights i didn't remember and the moments i fell asleep on a toilet - yikes.) i had this small crush on j from working together all the time, and on february 14th, he asked me out on our first date. yes, this isn't very original and it wasn't exactly planned to be a date but after flirting all night long, everyone around us, including j and i, knew it was secretly a date and there was no hiding it.

before i knew it, i was with j all the time, thinking about him when i wasn't, and saying things i never thought i'd ever say to him, but even when i know the truth in the back of my head, those thoughts still sneak back into my head.

what are all my friends doing? it must be nice to go out and live on your own, and be independent.

no matter what, i snap back into my own little reality and realize i have something so many long and wish for. i've found something so young that's so special, why would i want anything else? of course, i'll always wonder what it would be like to be single on my own in my own apartment only worrying about myself, but i have someone who takes care of me, and loves me no matter what.

i wouldn't trade it for the world.

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