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Be My (blog) Valentine

Last month I signed up for "Be My (blog) Valentine" over at Ashalah. This afternoon I just got the e-mail with my Valentine's address and blog url so that I could get to know what she likes and dislikes. Homegirl had a well organized blog with a whole post of 100 things she likes.

This got me thinking, what will my secret Valentine see on my blog?!? I hope my post reflect enough about me to send them in the right direction, but to be quite honest, my main reason for doing this was to get together a package for someone else. I am in love with sending and receiving things in the mailso oh sweet valentine of mine, I am not picky and would love your package to reflect your personality more than you worrying about mine.

How fun is this!

If you would like to do a little Valentines Day exchanging of your own feel free to leave you mailing address in a comment, or you can email it to jessicamarietaylor [at] att [dot] net! Maybe we can exchange some sort of card or something, like I said before, I LOVE mailing and receiving mail!

I don't wanna put my home address on here, but you can mail me at my mom's P.O. Box or you can email me for my home address!

Jessy Taylor
P.O. Box 961
Gonzales, CA 93926

Happy Black History Month of Love!


Layla Winterborne said...

Awww...that's such a sweet idea! I wish that I had heard of that sooner so I could have jumped on the Secret Valentine train!

I may be jumping on yours too, I'm just afraid that my valentine wouldn't arrive in time...I'm so terrible when it comes to snail mail!

Angela said...

I'm doing a little Valentine's card exchange with a couple of my blog friends, and I'd love to do one with you as well!
I'll email you in a bit to get your info :)