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I'm so Chi that you thought I was Bashful!

Away we go...

I just spend the past hours looking up hotel and air rates for our upcoming trip to Chicago. For those of you that do not know, Chicago is the city where my husband and I fell in love. Chicago is a very special place for us, we love it almost as much as we love each other. It is the place where we had our first date, our first kiss, where we first held each other tight trying to stay upright while walking against the wind along side Lake Michigan. We shared our first Valentines Day together in our Hyde Park neighborhood.

As you can now imagine, this trip will be the highlight of our year. We try to go back once a year now that we live in California, and have accomplished that goal so far. This year will be a little extra special because two of my husbands high school buddies will meet up with us there (He grew up in Mississippi), his friends are now in Atlanta and New Orleans, so they don't see each other much. I have great things planned for this trip.

Another extra special treat is that the dates we will be there will be right between my husband's birthday and my best friend's birthday, and after growing up all of her life in California, she now lives in Chicago. I am so happy that I might be able to meet up with her for a birthday drink!

I can't wait...

{These stair lead to the old train I used to ride home from downtown}
{South-side! Hyde Park! Chi-Town Stand Up!}


Al said...

Wow- Chicago looks amazing!

I hope your trip is all you hope it is! Sounds like you will have a fun filled time :)

xoxoKrysten said...

Yay that's so much fun! Chicago is such a great city.

LaLa said...

so beautiful!!! love these pics