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Hey, Hey... Too Legit to Quit

Howdy! I am happy to say that I was awarded the 2 Legit to Quit award by Ms. Lala! She is fantastic, and truly is one of my favorite bloggers :)

{if you receive this award you can (if you'd like) put it in a post 
and say 2 of your favorite movies and then give to as many people as you'd like!}

Two of my favorite movies are outta a bazillion are:
Higher Learning Brown Sugar

I'd like to pass this award on to a few of my dailies:

and I'mma pass it back to Lala because she is too legit for real!


Elizabeth said...

congratulations, and thanks for the award love!

No One Reads The Copy said...

Thanks lady! Made my day!! :)

chelsea rebecca said...

EEK!!! thank you!!! this made my day! and YOU are way too legit to quit!!