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Hello there :)

Last night we came home and I had a package waiting for me. My cute be my (blog) valentine package came in. I had been having a hard time getting to the post office to mail mine out but I finally sent it. I absolutely love every that came in this box, especially the socks!

As you can see, I posted a PICTURE, which means my camera started to work again. It had been sitting since the beginning of the month and every time I would turn it on it wouldn't show anything. On Valentine's Day my family came over for a nice little lunch and to play some board games, and I really wanted to take a picture of my nephew, so I grabbed it and was like "come on" and it worked. That's crazy because I had done that a few times since the day it turned off. So here are a few pictures that were trapped inside of my camera.

and the pictures I took on valentines day of my little loves

this is my cute little sleeping nephew Elazar Xzavier.

and of course this is my cute niece April Nevaeh.


chelsea rebecca said...

HOORAY for your camera working again!! love all your pictures. and your awesome happy mail!! your niece and nephew are adorable! and i'm drooling over those cheetos! its been so long since i've had any!!
have a wonderful weekend1

LaLa said...

I was wondering where you been?!? :D I missed you! These pictures are so cute!!

Elizabeth said...

cool pictures, and i didn't know there was a "be my (blog) valentine"

Al said...

such a lovely valentines day surprise!