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One of my favorite days of the year is almost here! Some people love it and some people probably wish it didn't exist, but I'll tell you why it won't sway my opinion.

For us, Valentine's Day is so much more than the holiday where you buy your sweetie chocolates and a card. It's 2.14, our holiday: the beginning of when Ryan and Mindy were always said together.

Our love story never ceases to amaze me... all credit to the author, God. It's a long story, but it's a good one (of course, I'm not biased or anything). You can read it here (link up here) if you'd like. We met in November of 2005 and ever so patiently became an official couple on February 14, 2006. Ever since then, 2.14 has been our day, our number, our story.

God so perfectly wove one of the best parts into our story that it went unnoticed for 3 years. Do you want to know why 2.14 has even more significance?

was the day I was born, and 14 was the day Ryan was born. Combined is 2.14; us.

I see the number everywhere, from receipts to exit numbers, and it's a constant reminder of the boy I love.

Sadly, this Valentine's Day we won't physically be together because 380 miles of distance separates us. He's been two states away for college for a few years now so our time together is limited. But when it comes down to it, distance has nothing on us. Our love is greater than the distance, and it's only a short chapter in our story. For we know very well, love never fails.

How will you be spending your Valentine's Day? If you are lucky enough to have your significant other by your side, take a second to appreciate the fact that they are near. Do it for me and for all the couples who can't share a special day together. And for those of you who have yet to find your Princess or Prince Charming, take a new look at something you often take for granted. For now, I'll leave you with poem of some sort, inspired by distance and Ryan Ray.

I miss my Ray of Sunshine.

And the dimple on his right cheek, reflecting the one on my left, that appears as his radiant smile melts my heart.

Although I can't directly see, touch, smell, taste, or feel his warmth right now, those comforting feelings are a recent memory. In fact, I can still feel the warmth in my heart. When the 384 miles no longer cloud our reach, I'll bask in his loving embrace again. It's a priceless moment to see his face light up and his love shine through, even brighter than before.

I love my Ryan Ray.

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LaLa said...

such a sweet story! I truly believe what's meant to be will always find it's way, thanks for sharing your wonderful story and sweet thoughts!