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Guest Blogger: DT from Here I Scribble

Hi friends, In this month of love, I'd like to share a poem that I wrote about 5 years back.

“i’m longing for someone special
very close to my heart,
for now and forever
who’ll be my life’s part..
someone dear, caring and sweet
to make me feel special in all ways..
who’ll love me all the time and
be with me through all nights and days..
with whom time would just come to a still,
and through my body his every touch would send a chill…
i’d just be with him
listening to him all day long,
and like this together
we’ll spend our lives along!!!”

And I feel very lucky to have my someone special with me now.


LaLa said...

what a sweet poem! I'm happy you found that person! :)

Miss.Fortune said...

i love it! i actually have a guest blogger that told me there love story! i love, LOVE!