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Would you like to be feat. on my blog? or Guest Blog?

Guest spots &  features available for the month of Feb!
The topic of the month is LOVE.

You can take that anyway you want.
Your love life, love poems, love story, best/worst v-day memories,

Please respond to me this week (comment on this post is fine)
so that I can figure out the format, and you will have time to
work on your post and send it to my BY EMAIL so that I can review
and approve it all for my blog BEFORE feb.


Feel free to save this button and link to this post so 
that others may have a chance to join in on the fun!

*****ADDED 01/13/09*****
Just wanted to make this a little easier to understand.
The way that the guest post is going to work is...

1. You write up something about LOVE or ANTI-LOVE
poems, stories, memories, lessons learned... blah blah blah ANYTHING

2. You email it to me:
be sure to attach any photos & one of your links you want featured w/the post

3. I review it, add it to my blog, and schedule a publishing date for it

4. On that date your beautiful writing skills will be displayed on my blog.

BONUS, The link of your choice will stay in my FEATURED BLOGS area for the month of February.

All that I ask is that you either use the button found on my blog, and/or tweet/blog about your guest spot when it is up (I will let you know what date you will be featured.)

So whatcha think? Are you in? If so please leave a comment and e-mail me your post ASAP so I can get all the dates assigned.



Steph said...

Oh my! My love life is and has been a mess...I'll try to crank something out :P

Thanks for friending on 20sb!

Layla Winterborne said...

Our blogs are quite different, however, if you would like a guest blogger, I would be happy to oblige. I'm sure that I could crank something out.

Jessy Taylor said...

Thank you Layla & Steph

Ashley @ said...

Found you through 20SB. I would love to guest post!

Nahl said...

I'm in!

Tia said...

Sure thing!!

P.T said...

I would like to send you something I wrote years ago. I'll email it to you! :)

Lisa said...

I just found you through 20SB. :) I would love to guest blog for you, I've got plenty of love related stuff I could crank out, if you'll have it. :)



Jessy Taylor said...


ThinkGoHard said...

Thats a great idea. Wish I would have thought about it myself...

beeyum said...

great idea!

T. said...

Found you via 20SB. I definitely would be interested in guest blogging if you're interested (I write about pop culture, so maybe something from that angle...)

Anyway, love your blog and I'm definitely going to be adding it to my feed! (Also: Gorgeous layout!)

Jessy Taylor said...

anyone who would like to have a guest post please email me your post ASAP!

Meg said...

hi jess! i just came across your blog, and i'd love to do a guest post... i'll start working on it tomorrow :)

DT said...

I'd love to :)

Mindy said...

Can it be something we've already written? Or does it need to be new?

Jessy Taylor said...

it can be something old, for sure

Mindy said...

Okay, I'll do it!

nicole addison said...

hey there, that's so funny i have something just like this that i've been doing on my blog. its been a great hit, good luck.