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Who am I?

I want to start off by saying Thank You to those of you who do read my blog. In December of 2009 (yup, last month) is when I decided to finally "let it all hang out". I had been blogging on my site since around May 2009, and it started as a way to document my growth through depression, and psychotherapy. Being about such a personal topic I kept my blog a secret, and still have many of those post locked to this day. The more I was able to cope with life and it's beautiful struggles, the more I wanted to open my blog to the public, so in Dec I finally took the plunge and started to join blog communities and follow other blogs. It took me a while, but I am finally not afraid to share my rants and raves with the world. Poor souls.

So now that I am out of the closet I figured maybe I should lay down the basics of who I am and what types of things you might find here. This post might get kinda long, but I'll try my best to keep it under control.

The basics: My name is Jessica Montoya Taylor but my friends and family call me Jayka. I am twenty-seven years old. I was born and raised in the region of California known as the Central Coast or So. Bay Area. I live just about two hours away from San Francisco, so when I need to get away that is where I run to. Although I have spend most of my life in Cali, I did go to college in Phoenix, Arizona and I love the hot weather they had, and I also lived in Chicago, Illinois for a bit. I am married to a very loving and creative man named Anthony, he is a southern boy from Mississippi, but we got together while we were both in Chicago. I come from a pretty large family, all of my cousins and aunts/uncles are very close to each other, and I myself have four brothers (Richard, Eric, Tony, and Angel), one sister in-law (Cynthia -married to Richard), a niece and a nephew (April & Elazar), and of course my parents (Jesse and Mary Lou), and my mother in-law (Connie). We have a dog named Stark.EE, he is named after Tony Stark, also known as Ironman, and we are looking into expanding our family through the Foster/Adoption program.

What I am like: I am sensitive, easily inspired and uninspired, creative, thoughtful, overweight, loving, honest, free spirited, computer savvy, a bad speller, hard working, a Christian-Catholic, open minded, a slow reader, a quick learner, your basic girl next door.

Things that inspire me: Music, pretty colors, positive sayings, spirituality, old photos, babies, the sun, world maps and globes, the word "freedom", goofy nerds, everyday people doing everyday things, the color yellow, bookshelves, and the thought of what can be.

What I blog about: I blog about the basic boring stuff everyone blogs about, life, love, and all the bad stuff too, but I hope that I bring it to you in a way that will keep you reading, if not there is always pretty pictures! Who doesn't love pretty pictures!? Naw, but on the real I am testing different things out right now, this is a "newer" blog so I am still developing a format, and deciding if there will even be one. For now I know that every Sunday I will bring a Hip-Hop post because that is something important to me, I will also be hosting Love Stories in February with tons of guest bloggers spilling their guts. I am hoping that once I save up some money to buy crafting supplies I can do a couple cute DIY projects. I also enjoy making lists, so you will find random lists sprinkled in between all of this. And like I mentioned earlier, we are starting the Foster/Adoption program, so you will find some adoption information on here. I go with my gut on a lot of things, and am always finding new things to be inspired by, so that randomness will definitely be reflected in the topics you will find. Of course, I am always open to suggestions of features or guest bloggers!

Past posts worth looking at: "I'm back - First Post", "Say Good-Bye", and "Love isn't all it Takes"

Words to leave you with: I am who I am, this is me, either you want to know more about me, or you don't. The choice is yours to make, and I respect that. I do not have a category to fit my blog or myself into. I love too many things and am touched by too much to direct all of my focus to one label. I will not sit here telling you that I am "different" or "unique" and that there is only one me and that is why you should read my blog because to me that would just mean that I am so out on my own that you would have nothing to relate with. I am a little "odd", but I just call it randomness or eclectic. I cannot promise you a five-star read everyday, but I can hopefully promise you an honest opinion and true emotion, and only hope to inspire you on days when you need it, the way that some of my favorite bloggers have been able to do for me. Joining different blogging communities online really brings a whole different feel to blogging, it makes it feel more like a relationship than just another place online to post silliness.

I'm doing this for me, but I would love to have you along for the journey.


LaLa said...

what a beautiful post! We share similar stories and interest, that's the great thing about a blog you can get to know someone and realize they are a lot like you! Your so honest and open, it's wonderful! I enjoy your blog so much and I'm glad I found you, you truly inspire! Keep it coming!!

Layla Winterborne said...

Ahh, I love "Getting to Know You" posts. =)

And as the poster above me stated, you and seem to have similar stories.


Elizabeth said...

this post is really nice. i like how it involves a lot of you! glad to get to know you better :)

Steph said...

although it may sound like something you'd hear at an AA meeting, thanks for sharing!

I agree, it really is awesome to build relationships through blogging so even the most mundane posts because interesting because of the vested interest.

Keep posting girlie!