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Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

I've been a busy lady today. This morning I uploaded some new stuff to my flickr page, and I also created a blog to send my Project 365 photos to. In case I have not mentioned it, my brother Eric has inspired me to try to complete the Project 365 on flickr. I tried a couple years back and got around 25-30 pictures in and gave up, I really hope to get it done this year.

So anywho, you can check out that blog at: I won't actually be doing any blogging-blogging there, it will be more of a photolog.

After setting that stuff up online, I checked on the status of The Friendly Art Exchange, and updated a few people that had questions. I think I am going to delete the tumblr page and just make it a blogger blog so that I can update the information easier, that is why I am not posting up a link. If you are curious it is an art exchange, snail mail style. Any type of art is accepted, and the sign-ups close on Friday. You say yes I want to make art and mail it to someone, I take your address, and give you an address to mail your art to, in return you get someones art mailed to you, and at the end you take a picture of it or scan it and email the photo/link to me to add to the gallery. So that is that...

And after working on that project I pulled out my new guitar and book and started to do the first few lessons. Guitar is hard to learn, but I am going to do it, I MUST.

Once my hubby got home from work we had a few cookies and headed out to Salinas for the Squid Row Launch Party. Bridgett Spicer, a local artist, just got a contract to do a daily comic strip in the Monterey Co. Herald. It was a lot of fun, and I loved her work, and her work space! It was nice getting out of the house and being around strangers who love art and support their community artists.

I am still so sleepy and need more rest, I hope I catch up on my sleep before the weekend hits because I have plans to have lots of fun.

Good night yall, sweet dreams.

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beeyum said...

Project 365 is fun, I'm glad you started a photo blog about it.