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These are the Good Times

Extension of yesterday's blog:
So, this weekend was pretty awesome! It has been a while since I've hung out with my de Leon cousins.

This weekend my cousin Joey came to visit from Arizona, and it was my cousin Frank's 24th B-Day last week, so we had a little surprise party for him at our place. He (Frank) knew that "a few" of the cousins would get together to see Joey & Fam, but he didn't even think that we were going to do anything for his birthday. It was very cool. When he walked in the door everyone was already there ready to scream, SURPRISE! We even had the cake lit, and those crazy streamer popper things.

We had a really good time Friday night, spent Saturday recouping, and then spent Sunday with the whole de Leon gang at my grandparents house.

One of my cousins (David) said something about wanting enchiladas, so I offered to cook if they brought everything. When they got back from the store the whole cousin movement got started in the kitchen and we made rice, beans, and four different types of enchiladas, in six different trays. It was crazy, but pretty fun, and super yummy.

When we (the cousins) were little we would go to my grandmas all of the time, and for sure every Sunday, it was just the way things where. I really have been missing that, and I am so grateful for the time I had with them.

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Elizabeth said...

I love how your always surrounded by people you love! i wish i could.