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Starbucks Profiling

I took him as more of the bold black coffee type of person,
but I find him sipping on a delicate tea.

His friend looks adventurous, maybe a Chai Tea Latte,
but no, he is playing it safe with a white mocha.

And their third amigo is the traditionalist,
he sips a plane and simple COFFEE,
“just a regular coffee please.”

People can be misleading. I normally am a good judge of character, and this leads me to ponder whether I am right in my Starbucks profiling, and if maybe there are all just trying to go with something unexpected to kind of “shock” each other with their selections, or if the whole Starbucks profiling thing is just a load of poo.

I wonder what people would guess my drink to be?
What do you think guys, What do I order when I go to Starbucks?
Take a guess!

To be fair there are two drinks I really order depending on the weather and my mood.


Angela said...

I've never even thought of trying to guess people's Starbucks drinks before! Such a fun game to play.

Ashley @ said...

Wow. I thought I was able to read people, but definitely not enough to do this!

I'll have to give it some thought.

norbyguy said...

Hmm...I don't really know you all that well, but I would guueeess...some kind of flavored lattè with whipped cream?

LaLa said...

I would guess a caramel frappachino?

Layla Winterborne said...

I'm terrible at guessing people's coffee preferences. You would think that my partner would be a straight, black drinker, however, he loves frou-frou drinks as much as any middle age, stay at home mom.

sherry said...

I don't know what you like to order at Starbucks but I really like this photo. ♥

Elizabeth said...

love the photo, and i would guess a strong coffee. don't really go there much.

itsassimpleasthat said...

I am the worst offender of Starbucks profiling. Really and truly. I hope to one day fall in love at a coffee shop, too much to aim for? ha ha.

Love the simplicity in this post and I too am a part of the 29 Day Giving Challenge! How is it going for you?


Hannah Katy