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Slow down you move to fast vs. Speed up you move to slow

I have a problem.

I have a messy house.

I have a get together planned for tomorrow.

I have one day to really clean.

I have not had breakfast.

I have not moved off the couch this morning. (Actually I did, but only to pee.)

I have to get going.

I have to stop reading blogs & facebook updates.

I have to get over this.

I am being too lazy!


morganomics said...

I've been on facebook all day at work. Don't feel bad. I've only done 2 productive things.

My house is thrashed...and I have a roommate moving in tomorrow..but, I'm going out of town ( to Portland =D )- and I haven't done a thing.

Its just one of those weeks I think. =\

Andhari said...

I sooo know what you mean. I'm in my really lazy mood too, I've watched 5 dvds in a row so far and I hate myself.:p

I like it though. Kinda.:p

beeyum said...

gets to cleaning then woman!

Layla Winterborne said...

I'm a total Twitter/Blog addict. I wasted the day at work today reading blogs and Tweeting.. =/

Jessy Taylor said...

after posting this i got off my butt and started to clean. we took the tree down and washed dishes last night too! i feel a little better, but i'm still so lazy :)

Chelsea Talks Smack said...


Laura Martinez said...

do you need me and krystal to go help you? 'cause idk about krystal but i'll go...and we can play guitar 2 :D -laura