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Show me the Money!

How I would have spent my day if I had some cash:

I would treat a girlfriend to breakfast at a cute French cafe.

Then I would go shopping for books, dresses, and pretty candy.

After some shopping I would visit an art museum, or maybe the aquarium.

I bet that would make me hungry, how about a clam chowder in a bread bowl for lunch.

After some yummy food, a massage would be nice.

I think that would make so so relaxed that I would
just spend the rest of the afternoon napping in the park.

I'm sure by this time my husband would be calling me to pick him up from work.


Layla Winterborne said...

OMG Kiki's Delivery Service! That has to be the most adorable thing I have ever seen!

beeyum said...

great post. i hope i am that friend you would take. i would have fun! i like your banner! you made it?

Jessy Taylor said...

you could be the friend :)
and yup on the banner, and I got the background from shabbyblogs

cara. said...

i would do all of this on a dream day too. except different soup choice.

i liked your confession on hula seventy.