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Mr. Botox McGwire

I don't normally blog much about sports, but I do like sports, anywho... Have any of you watched the Mark McGwire interview with Bob Costas? I swear the whole time all I could look at was his smooth face against his wrinkly old neck. I think Mark McGwire got botox or something of the sort.

And I also think he was being a big baby crying over this, he needs to just admit that his steroids helped him hit all of those darn home runs.

Watch the video for yourself.

I'm going to go ahead and get all of this sports talk out, with added commentary from my husband:

On Mark McGwire
"He looks like a shrively neck man wearing a giant Mark McGwire helmet. His head looks like plastic! and I bet his wife is mad that he is using up all of the botox."

On Gilbert Arenas
"The man took a shit in somebody's shoe"
"That's just Gil being Gil"

On the NFL Playoffs
"I hope the playoffs for the NFC Championship end with all four teams falling into the deep hole in the world!"
"I don't even hate the Saints but Kodi's hate of the Saints is rubbing off on me."

On Derek Jeter:
"Derek Jeter is getting married. Don't be a Tiger, that's my only advice to Derek Jeter."

Final words:
"And by the way, is Sammy Sosa still white?"
"intheKCmix, that sounds like a bucket of chicken, white and dark meat"
(sorry Kodi, he wanted to add that one too)

Derek Jeter is NOT getting married! 
All you single ladies go out and get you some, he's kinda a hottie!


Steph said...

He needs to wear a turtle neck LOL

Amanda said...

Popping over from 20sb! When I saw this on the news I was all, "Wait? This is news? Didn't we know this already?" :) And I agree about the neck!