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Love isn't all it takes, but it's a darn good starting point.

I've been Mrs. Taylor for two years and five months, and since day one we have wanted to have a child in our home. Well, like I said it's been two years and five months now and still no baby Taylor. I have not been tested for infertility, but at my yearly womans care exam I was told that because of my weight I would have problems getting pregnant, and should not even try until I lost the weight because it would be bad for my own health.

All of that was said to me around the same time as I was going through depression from the stress of searching for our home, moving back in with my parents, and other random daily stresses. I spent some time seeing a therapist and taking anti-depressants. During this time I asked myself & my husband a lot of questions about what I/we wanted out of our life together, and reevaluated our goals. It was a tough time in my life, but we made it through.

In June of 2009 we bought our first home together fulfilling one of our most important goals as a couple.

In October of 2009 we decide that we would look into making our most important goal happen, becoming parents. We felt that God would give us a child when the time was right, but we also recognized that God had given us this desire, and an idea to fulfill it, adoption.

Since before Anthony & I married we had talked about looking into adoption. I don't know what about adoption called to us even then, but it was something that I know I felt I wanted to do regardless of if we had a birth child or not.

On November 9th, 2009 we attended our first meeting at the adoption agency. It was just an informational meeting where they reviewed the types of adoptions, the cost of adoption, and all of those things. We left the meeting with the first form that we would need if we wanted to go through with this. November 9th, 2009 will be marked forever in my heart as the day we started our journey to adopt. We got home and were a little scared, a lot happy, but all ready to jump in. We filled out the information they requested and e-mailed it right away.

The next day we went by my parent house and we decided to tell them about our plan to adopt. I was very scared, I had no idea how they would react. My parents and brothers we very supportive, asked questions, and assured us that they would accept and love any child that we brought into this family, naturally or otherwise. I was so relieved. That same week we received another packet in the mail to fill out, we attended a football game (which my Niners won), and I ended up in the hospital for the weekend. Needless to say it was an emotional week.

Once I returned home we reviewed the packet, discussed our commitment to this process, and filled out our biographies. We mailed everything in and were waiting to hear back from a social worker. FINALLY this week our caseworker called me and asked to set up an interview. You have to have the interview done before you can start the classes. I was so excited and again nervous .

All day today I was fluttering around the house picking things up, putting them back down, picking up other things and putting them down. I was so anxious to met her, so concerned about what she would think of us, and so excited that she had the power to recommend us for this process. She called around 4 this afternoon, and she arrived at our home a few minutes later.

She was very nice, comforting, and she asked us a lot of questions, and gave us a lot of answers. It was an amazing interview, and Anthony and I know that we are making the right decision for us. We are trilled that she is going to recommend us for the classes, and they start at the end of this month!

There is so much going on in my head right now, I am so happy and so scared at the same time. I can still remember the afternoon in June 2007 when Anthony & I laid in the grass outside of the St. Francis Retreat Center talking about what type of parents we wanted to be, the types of things we would love to teach our child/ren, and the possibility of adoption. Today all of those dreams seem so much closer that I could have imagined. My heart wants to love a child, our home is so quiet, we need a laughing voice, and we cannot wait to comfort him/her when they are sad, sick, or lonely. We cannot wait for the chance to give someone a bed, a toy, a desk, a home, a family. We cannot wait to be someones Mommy, someones Daddy. My husband deserves someone to eat cereal with and watch cartoons with on Saturday mornings.

I know it won't always be happy fun times, especially with a child that comes out of the foster care system, but that is normal. There isn't a family I know that only has good times, and never hurts, or fears, or struggles, but what makes them family is that they stick it out, that the love that they share overcomes all of those moments, and that they dedicate themselves to each other, and that is what we are ready to do.

Little bug, whoever you may be, wherever you may be, we already love you and cannot wait to learn more about how to bring you home to us, how to best help you grow, we know life may not be that easy for you right now, but we promise once you are home with us that we will love you and be there for you.

Quick answers to questions you may have:

Do you want a Boy or Girl?
Either is fine with us.

What age are you looking for?
Newborn-5 years old

Adopt or Foster?
Foster, looking to adopt

Don't you want YOUR OWN baby?
We have always wanted to adopt, & they will be OUR OWN.

Aren't you afraid to foster and they go back to their parents?
Not afraid, we understant that is a risk, but we believe that we will still be helping a child,
 and when the right situation comes along we will then be able to not only foster but adopt.

Why now?
Because we are as ready as you can be to have a child.
We know it takes more than love to raise a child, but that it a darn good place to start.

Does it cost a lot of money?
Nope, not when you do the foster adopt program.
If you are looking to adopt only a newborn, then you will have to pay more,
but we are open to children younger than five.

Feel free to ask any other questions, I would be more than happy to answer them.


Layla Winterborne said...

I have always wanted to adopt children. I hope that everything works out beautifully for you!

Tia said...

I love to hear people making this kind of commitment with their lives. Good luck to you, and I hope you are blessed with a beautiful child very soon. ♥

Anonymous said...

What an exciting time! You two will make such fun and loving parents, and no matter what form your parenting takes, I'm sure you'll make that beautiful, positive ripple effect in the world that comes from nurturing a healthy, happy child. Chris and I are behind you all the way! Love, Leslie

beeyum said...

I am so proud of you, and happy for you!

Nahl said...

There's nothing like choosing a family!
Good luck. :)