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I'll go to your room, but you'll have to seduce me.

I am doing the NaBoPoMo this month, and the optional theme for the month is THE BEST, so throughout the month I will sprinkle my blog with some BEST OFS! For my first best of this month, I am touching on the best movie I watched in 2009, not made in 2009, but that I watched in 2009. Soooo...

I watched this movie last year and I think it was one of the best, if not the best movie I saw all year. Little extreme? Not at all, I am not into the silly comedies, vampires, or mosters. I like quirky, passionate, odd, artisitic characters, and this movie is full of them. After watching this movie I ran out to the garage, grabbed all of my paint, stood in the restroom naked and started to paint my body. It made me feel so happy, free, and sexy! I know what I just said may sound strange but to me it was perfect and just want I want a movie to do to me. I love when movies pull me into them and make me do something with those feelings, it wasn't something I could just watch and then go on with my day as normal.

I am not going to get into telling you the story, I will just leave you with these pictures & the trailer, and I recommend that you NetFlix this film!



Jill said...

I saw that movie and loved it also! It's very different and unique! I'm not a follower of your blog :D

beeyum said...

This movie is awesome. I also saw it last year, and loved it!

great choice!

Laura Martinez said...

i watched it after reading this blog! -laura