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If it's hard try spellin it phonetically

[Before I start this post let me go back to yesterday's post and fill you in on you my Starbucks drinks, Chai Tea Latte is my hot drink, and a Raspberry Passion Tea Lemonade is my cool drink. Now let's move on...]

So for like almost a month now I have been trying to download Reflection Eternals The RE:Union Mixtape, and every time I go to unzip the folder it gives me an error. I am going crazy over here like you don't even know. 

I am putting out a request to any of my readers that may listen to Hip-Hop to please help me out here. Talib Kweli is one of my favorite rappers EVER, and not having this mixtape is making me very sad, please holla at'cha girl if you can send me the WORKING file.

and Here's a little video to remind you just how freak'n amazing these dudes are!

and a newer one for you, this is REAL HIP HOP yall!

I finally got a good link! Thanks everyone.


khalfani said...

i made sure i set this download up as SOOON , as the mixtape came out . i been a blackstart fan since 4th grade , lol . preciate you follwin my blog ms . you got something dope going on here . ;)

LaLa said...

this just made my entire day!!

Elizabeth said...

i love raspberry, and they sound dope.