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Everyone loves a Photo Dump

This is my first post from my old slow desktop computer so I thought I would go through my pictures folder and post some oldies... Let's see what I find.

SF Giants Game! Gotta rep the Bay!

The one punching is my dad Jesse, the red belt is my 
brother Richard, and the other black belt is my Uncle Sal.
If you're smart you wouldn't mess with the fam ;)

This is the view outside of my parents house. It's so peaceful.

The brothers & sister in-law with us on our wedding day!

We took my brother Eric to the Lupe Fiasco (Kanye West) Concert.

My brother also went with me to see my lover J-Lo!

The hubby at Hearst Castle. I love that place!

I feed this little guy at the Santa Barbara Zoo. He's cute!

Making history voting for our first African-American President.

I'mma nerd so this was at Comic-Con in San Diego.
Extra Point in my book if you can name these guys!?!

I had an 80s party a few years back. We had so much fun :)

I am not a gambler, but I played penny poker for hours!


Angela said...

You looked gorgeous on your wedding day!!

Elizabeth said...

You looked amazing on your wedding day. i love the view out of your parents house! it's breathtaking, and i like it that you take your time to go feed animals at the zoo. that's very caring :)

happy weekend.

Elizabeth said...

i tagged you on my blog.

LaLa said...

omg so cute!!! These are great memories, thanks for sharing women your wedding photo is beautiful! & I love the zoo and voting picture!! Yay for concerts too!!

ps. and I'll think about sharing John lol ;)

Nahl said...

Such fun pictures!
You look sooo nice on your wedding day-such a pretty dress! :)

Jaeve + Things said...

Aw, cute photos! I like the giraffe :) Congrats on the wedding, you looked lovely.