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But I just want some P-I-Z-Z-A

As we rode along the street today I confessed to my husband that I wanted pizza really bad. He didn't say much and we kept on driving to the post office (I had some more postcards to mail out!) When I got back into the car he asked me what I was thinking about and I answered "PIZZA".
I know this is a lot of people's stories nowadays, but I too am currently unemployed. I lost my job at the end of August, two months after we had just bought our new home, taken a cross-country vacation hitting all of our favorite cities, and one year after we had just purchased a new car. Life had been treating us pretty good.

Now we sat in the car dreaming of how lovely and warm a pizza would feel in our mouths, and how full and lazy we could be after eating it all up. I could not believe it when I said to him "If we get a pizza, even a cheap one, we will be spending almost half of what we spent at the grocery store this week."

That line really hit us.
We would have never thought of it that way if I still had a job. We would have called and placed our delivery order after "PIZZ".

Many things in our lives have changed, and I don't really see a big impact when I'm going about my day, but when these cravings hit then it's all in my face and on my mind.
I never thought we were being irresponsible with our money, we saved, we planned yearly vacations, we saved enough to buy a house in only six months, but there were a lot of extras that we could have done without, cute shoes, weekly comic books, every color eye shadow, and random household knickknacks to name a few.

I swear that when I find a job I want to keep most of our current lifestyle. We spend more time at home, we cook together, we have time to do our own thing, for me it's been sewing lately and blogging, and my husband has been drawing a lot more. We have our one monthly entertainment cost, Netflix, and that keeps us happy on the weekends. Our dog gets some more attention, and I have learned to believe in us, and our family.

A year ago if I had seen that we "only" had (a number I wish we could see now) in our checking I would have panicked and wondered how our balance got so "low". Now I am lucky if after bills we have any money leftover for stamps (have I mentioned I like to swap postcards), and there is no room for savings, but we are learning to live with less and that makes me very happy.

I do miss having pizza and buy toys, but I love these new nights of laying on the couch blogging and watching my husband do his thing.


beeyum said...

lovely photos. looks like lots of fun!

Layla Winterborne said...

Ahh, I know how that feels. I lost my job in August as well and while I have found a new one, those following months were TORTURE.

I do hope that everything gets better for's funny that there ARE a few ups in there along with the downs. =)