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Be sure to wear a flower in your hair.

I'm back from my mini-getaway! I had a great time in the city. On Thursday I was having a really bad day and had a pretty bad anxiety attack, no fun. My husband came home and took care of me. He took Friday off as a vacation day and we went for a drive to Berkeley. We ended up in San Francisco and enjoyed a great dinner. It started to rain and we didn't feel like coming home, so I called my favorite hotel and redeemed some of my goldpoints for a discounted night.

After checking in we headed down to the hotel bar and had a few drinks. We met a very interesting man from England. He was pretty awesome. Today we met up with some friends downtown and had lunch. It was great seeing them, it had been too long.

Tomorrow morning we have Confirmation Classes, so I am headed to bed. It's been a long couple of days.

Sad news, my trusty camera isn't my trusty camera anymore. My camera stopped working, so I only have a few snaps from my phone to leave you with.

I had yummy Japanese beer and Anthony had Guinness (as always) 

Getting on to the Bay Bridge.

Riding on the bridge.

Anthony trying to stay asleep this morning. LAZY.

Headed back downtown :)


Elizabeth said...

sounds like you two had lots of fun! i wonder what Japanese beer taste like...

Steph said...

dang, my computer isnt loading the pics.

sorry about the anxiety attack...those are def. the pits. I used to have them all the time and dont care too again.

No One Reads The Copy said...

I love San Fran!!

LaLa said...

sounds amazing LUCKY! omgosh I love your new banner, so adorable!! Happy Monday!

and I tagged you on my blog :)